HP LaserJet 3100 – The Premier Toner For Taking Your Office to the Next Level


With lively applications and workability that is truly all encompassing, the HP laser jet 3100 is without equal. The machine comes through on all factors as soon as it has to do with giving the absolute most efficiency for the demands of the current home office. An out standing in-house house office expert, the HP laser jet 3100 delivers picturesque prints always and just, no matter the project.

Back in 1998, PC Computing named the LaserJet 3100 because of its own editor’s choice for MVP. Many offices are still using this system that they obtained in 1998 or the years that followed closely. LaserJet 3100 printer might be purchased on line or through the office supply store.

Giving 600×600 dpi, the laser jet 3100 presents clean and crisp copies. It accepts as much as a hundred sheets of newspaper in the printer tray at one time. The printer accepts many forms of media including transparencies, card stock and envelopes. Of course, letter and legal size paper are also accepted.

This printer creates 6 pages per minute, in a speed more rapidly than most inkjet printers draft style. Every one of these prints are highquality crisp and clean that’ll give your workplace a expert look, even if that place of work is in your dwelling HP LaserJet.

Even the LaserJet 3100 printer extends to you far greater than only a printer. It also gets the capabilities to scan, fax and copy.

When used as a scanner the laser jet 3100 scan records at up 600 dpi and graphics at 300 dpi. Scans have 256 levels of gray offered.

Like a copier, the laser jet will decrease the original as far as 50 percentage or expand up to 200 percent. You will select upto 99 duplicates for every operate.

As a facsimile, the LaserJet 3100 can rate dial as much as one

seventy five numbers. Additionally, it has group speed gearing up up to 25 classes. Webpages are sent in seconds per page and up to 150 pages could be stored in memory at the same time.

Offering a non melt toner, the LaserJet 3100 toner avoids needing to devote time waiting for a fuser to heat up prior to making prints. This conserves you more energy cost in addition to the expense of lost time. You are able to expect up to 2500 prints out of each laser jet 3100 toner cartridge. The microfine toner produces great prints, which can be always obvious.

When ordering toner to get this printer, you also are going to want a HP06A.

Authentic toner cartridges are available from HP at roughly 80 dollars eachyear. Re-manufactured cartridges of laser-jet 3100 toner are obtainable for over 40 dollars.

To find most crisp and precise prints available on the marketplace, include your printer together with HP LaserJet 3100 toner and you’re going to realize the uncanny manufacturing possibility of the HP laser jet 3100. A superb addition for almost any home office, the HP LaserJet 3100 supplies accurate particulars and print speeds which are searchable and certainly will impress owners and employees equally.

The HP LaserJet 3100 is also an easy to control machine with an efficient and guide userinterface which produces print like a pro nimble and uncomplicated. No matter printer comprehension or perception, the HP LaserJet 3100 comes with a mild learning curve and also can satisfy certain demands of almost any person. Adding or adjusting top good quality HP LaserJet 3100 toner is at least like straightforward and effortless.

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