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Every youngster would be your only real the one which has to become inundated.
It’s our main responsibility as Ersetur Tourism to be certain the kids you snore with your prospective may traveling together with peace and confidence using all the accompaniment of educated agency motorists. It’s our obligation to supply secure and productive pupil transportation throughout preparation, collaboration, and determination. Significantly more than 20,000 college students in complete journey a huge — or small — yellowish college bus or cab to and from college each day. The fleet of buses pay over 5 thousand km each yr. Our college students affected Mini Mal from we were at traffic supply of protected transport to and out of training about homes and schools, our leverage is incredibly important.When the most important point to triumph for the Governorship of both Istanbul and also Transportation Coordination middle (UKOME) have put a guideline on-line reliablyIt has registered design and style. We operate in Istanbul, Kocaeli and also Gebze.
Since Ersetur Turizm;, we’ve mobilized our wisdom and practical experience for decades therefore which our cherished infants can traveling securely.
” we are not going to be maintaining our valuable resources supporting us together with all our innovative technology applications, trained cadres and contemporary auto fleet.
Opt for Ersetur Turizm; to get a Secure and comfortable travel Punctually Ogrenci Tasimaciligi.
University student service transport is really a exceptional provider and obligation. Getting mindful of its own responsibilities, Ersetur Turizm maintains the stability of the prospective kiddies before all else.

Most our motorists and hostesses are been trained in every the needed job instruction and occupation security teaching before each work out. It’s our main obligation to obey the stipulations and duties arising out of the legislative acts and legislative polices in customer agency shipping.

Our attentively picked motorists and assistance manuals have been passed throughout conventional trainings therefore students might be picked from their domiciles punctually, abandoned with their own schools in time, also left out a safe travel.

-The kid is removed out of the address daily and also the exact very same adrese is shipped in the departure of this faculty. Excluding roadways, excavation operate, roads that can’t be entered and come back, parking spaces along with exceptional conditions.

-The college students watch to get its opportunity for you to be satisfied should they’ve occur before enough period the motorist gave themand when they have been filled they visit the reception stage and also confirm the scholar has arrived. In case the scholar will not return later awaiting 1 minute, then the automobile will proceed.

-It’s prohibited to choose anybody however, also the teachers and students into this ceremony autos.

— The ceremony motorist and also the guidance employees can’t advise the motorist which the motor vehicle has arrived by launching the telephone, slipping the horn or even slipping the bell. It’s the obligation of the motorist to beat the reception position of their opinion in the appointed hour to ready the pupil to journey the ceremony five full moments ahead of the


— In case the college student would be usually to be accepted with their parents if he or she’ll be accepted from the school-leaving parent, then the ceremony motorist has to remain advised.

— When the college student leaves a second adrese over the road of exactly the exact same car or truck, then the ceremony motorist needs to be advised of their other faculty in the event the adrese is abandoned to the path of some separate car.

— a transportation supervisor with respect to the provider is eternally in faculty. All associations are ran with the transportation supervisor, based upon the overall subject.

-The transport managers abide by the trail and climate requirements and also let the motorists by simply setting a phone string whenever mandatory by delivering a mass mailing system out of your own corporation.

We make certain our back-up vehicles have been changed in the event there is any malfunction.
ALL OUR CAMERAS’College Assistance Motor Vehicles MEET Assistance REGULATION
Our automobiles
Discontinue On-side slipping windows
Automatic Sliding-door together with detector
3 point security buckle
4 stage security buckle at suburban vehicles
“Neck Corset” for Travellers
Facts cards
Emergency Ideas
Emergency Package Deal
Display Controlled Digicam System

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